Meet The Models


Aimie Sheriff

My name is Aimie. I am a wife and mother of two! I love to laugh and be goofy with my kids! Life need to be enjoyed. I lead a workout Life Group that teaches others how to have fun and take care of themselves at the same time. My goal is for them to learn how to do both while staying balanced. I love to encourage and lift up young women, teaching them to embrace who they were created to be. I love being used to let them know how wonderfully special they are to the Father.  


Shekinah Newman

My biggest passion is worship. I love to lead people into a time where we can open our hearts to the Lord and pour everything out. I find worship to be a time of healing,  and I feel very called to be apart of prophetic worship. I also feel a deep calling to travel the world and show the love of God to people. I feel called to teach people how to love unconditionally like Jesus did  and to help change a generation. I want people to feel more important and teach them to empower others. My biggest passion is the homeless. I hope to one day be apart of an organization that helps give a hand up to the homeless population. Out of all things, I want to live a life full of encouraging and loving on people.  



Kaci Watts

Hey guys! My name is Kaci Miranda Watts! Soon to be Mrs. Kaci Stephens! (eekkk!!) You know, today's society is so hard to live in with all the expectations and standards.  I know high school was a disaster for me, and I constantly tried to fit everyone's standards but kept failing. I was a mess (more like a train wreck if we are being honest), but I knew I was called to something bigger!  I am still working on my identity in Christ so I am not here to say that I have it all together. However, I do want to say that God broke through all that mess and together and with God, we can do this! Brokenness has the power, unlike anything else, to bring forth beauty, strength, and inspiration to others. God has given me a passion for children/adults with special needs and disabilities. My heart is so drawn to them, and I believe they have the greatest purpose. I think they make the world go round! They are so beautiful and unique! We are all beautifully lined with shining grace through every scar and broken space.  God has brought me through many trials and continues to bless me. I am about to be married to the most loving, caring, passionate, and God loving man I could have ever dreamed of and that itself is the biggest blessing.  I have so much to write and to tell! (I am a talker) Just remember we all have a purpose! *Psalm 147:3-5 *Ecclesiastes 3:11 *Song Of Solomon 2:10 *1 Peter 3:4


Christy Smith

A few of the passions I have are in the act of worship, shepherding children, and knowing the authentic heart of Jesus. My journey in knowing who He is has radically transformed my life and the future thereof. I'm so pleased to know His character and I am discovering how He sees me. I'm discovering who I am. Not in a way of seeing qualities I admire in others and mimicking them, but truly discovering who I am in my uniqueness. I am a second year full time student at Charis Bible College and I am learning to simply relax in my Father, and enjoying where He is taking me. Life with Jesus is beyond compare and I'm so thankful to be a part. My favorite verse is Romans 8:28, what a weight lifting revelation it is to know that all things are working together for my good in the pursuit of fulfilling my purpose. 


Owners-Nathan and Cecily Williams

Nathan and I know the Lord has called us to show His love to those who have been walking in deep oppression for many years. We are passionate about bringing freedom to both men and women. We, together, have said "yes" to the Lord regarding venturing out into uncomfortable environments that cultivate insecurities within men and women. We say yes to doing whatever it takes to shift those atmospheres into ones of love and belonging. We hope to help show purpose in lives, to reveal people's unique giftings, and to be use to break the power darkness that has had men and women in bondage for years.  We desire to be a helping hand, a listening ear, and more than anything a vessel to shed light on the simplicity of walking in fulfillment of God's calling. 

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